Mettler Fertilizer holds the highest standards when it comes to taking great care of our customers and their land. With an abundance of information available about fertilizer, seed, pesticides, data management, water management, and all things agriculture, some of it is good information; some of it is unreliable. With the following resources, we provide you with trustworthy, unbiased data that you can apply on your land.


Our agronomy team has access to the best products offered in this industry, and we use them. Learn about the benefits of core nutrients (nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, etc.) needed for healthy plants, as well as the effects of low levels and how to prevent them.

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Yield Data

Fertilizer, chemical, planting, harvest, water management, and yield information.  It’s a world of information—use it to your advantage.

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Reliable weather conditions, forecasts, and indexes for planning ahead.

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The latest corn, soybean, wheat, market, livestock, and grain news from DTN, the trusted ag news source.

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Futures Markets

A quick look at futures market performance, with more detailed information available for each category.

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