Application Services

Custom Application

Is quality important to you? We offer unparalleled experience and expertise in aerial, row crop, pre-emergent, and post-emergent application. And our fleet of application equipment is second to none with two airplanes, seven post-emergent sprayers, three liquid floaters, and five dry floaters.

VRT (Variable Rate Technology)

Looking to improve the efficiency of your fertilizer? VRT ensures you get the right input, in the right place, at the right time, and at the right rate. We offer VRT on all custom application services, including aerial.


Need Roundup® applied or bugs dead? Our 2 510-gallon turbine power airplanes are equipped to get the job done. From pastures to row crops, we spray it all.


Interested in higher yields? Strip tilling can outperform conventional tilling with the right fertility program. We offer 2 strip-till machines for fall application—one 16-row, 30-inch and one 24-row, 30-inch. Book early! Time can be limited in fall due to the weather. We also sell machines fully equipped with GPS and VRT.


Need help planting? We know the secrets to successful seeding. We have two John Deere® air seeders, along with CAT® track tractors to minimize compaction. We also offer aerial application of turnips, radishes, alfalfa, rye grass, soybeans, and many other small seedlings.

Seed Cleaning

Want to improve your seed quality? Clean seeds help your harvest be as productive, specific, and uniform as possible. We can clean and treat your seeds at the same time. We’ll even put them back in your truck for you. Or, you can just come in and pick up our certified wheat seed.