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Mettler Milestones

1969 - The story begins. Gerold Mettler started Mettler Fertilizer to supply anhydrous ammonia to growers in the Menno area.

1975 - Way to grow! Liquid fertilizer was added to the anhydrous ammonia business.

1980 - This was a big deal. Mettler Fertilizer bought its first “Big A” liquid floater.

1994 - It was time to try dry. Mettler Fertilizer added dry fertilizer to the business.

2000 - We spread our wings. Mettler Fertilizer purchased Turkey Ridge Agri-Service by Hurley.

2001 - Here we grow again! Mettler Fertilizer expanded to the Freeman and Tripp areas.

2003 - Business was really taking off. Mettler Fertilizer purchased a 1991 Thrush 510 turbine-powered airplane.

2005 - Nothing but blue skies. Mettler Fertilizer purchased a Thrush 550 turbine powered airplane.

2012 - What a trip! A bulk seed treatment plant was built in Tripp.

2014 - And still growing! Construction began on a $4.5 million, 10,000-ton dry fertilizer building in Menno.